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15 de novembro de 2019

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At this very moment of my life , I felt it to be my mission to make more people realize how a vegan lifestyle can be one of the key methods in bringing about world peace as we all strive for pursuit of happiness.

6:24. Home; Biography; Videography; Travel Vlogs. 4:44. His crisp-clean test kitchen, soft lighting, and slow panning creates a relaxing vibe. Ryoya Takashima.

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Categories. Search. by Ryoya Takashima. The travels of Japan-based YouTuber Ryoya Takashima inspire the food of his cooking shows. Prev The City of PORTLAND #5 Next Big Island vlog 2016 #1 Comments are closed. Ryoya Takashima; The City of PORTLAND #6 By rtryoya June 19, 2015. Peaceful Cuisine (Ryoya Takashima) Five to 15 minutes of vegan cooking. All Travel Vlogs Okinawa Taiwan Portland / Travel.

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